Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

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Cervical cancer is becoming more common nowadays. It has become one of the main cause of death recently. Cervical cancer is an abnormal growth and or behavior of cervix cells.

What are the causes?
Most researchers believe that cervical cancer is caused by human papillomavirus or HPV. HPV are spread through sexual intercourse. So cervical cancer is most likely to attack women who are sexually active.
The other causes are:
  1. smoking
  2. alcoholic
  3. having sex at early age
  4. having other sexually transmitted disease such as herpes and chlamydia
  5. having many sexual partners
  6. using contraceptive medication for long term
  7. weak immune system
What are the symptoms?
The symptoms you may feel when you have cervical cancer are:
  1. abnormal vaginal bleeding, usually accompanied with pain and smell
  2. pain during sexual intercourse
  3. vaginal bleeding after menopause
  4. pelvix pain
The very early stage of cervical cancer may not cause any symptoms. But a laboratory check up can be conducted for early diagnose using your cervical cells as samples.

What can we do to treat cervical cancer?
The most effective way is surgery. This way can remove the "bad" cells out of your cervix. The other way are radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Your doctor will decide the best treatment according the severity of the cancer.

Preventing is better that treating. Prevention act including using condoms, regular smears, and HPV vaccine injection.


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