Saturday, February 9, 2013

How To Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is modern disease that has becomes so popular nowadays. Cancer is not caused by virus or bacteria, it is caused by the human itself. Bad habits physically or mentally in long period of time can cause cancer. Since cancer is not easy to be healed by medication, preventing cancer from happening is the very best way for those who have risk of cancer. But I assure you, everybody is in a risk of cancer.

How to prevent cancer? Change your habits!! Especially for these things:

  1. Do not sleep too late. 9 PM -- 11 PM is the time when our body detoxify our immune system. It will be optimally done when our body is at relax condition. 11 PM -- 1 AM is the time when our body detoxify our liver. It will be done well if we sleep. 1 AM -- 3 AM is the time when our body detoxify gallbladder, and also done while we are asleep. Within 3 AM -- 5 AM, our lungs are detoxified. At those time, you really need to wake up and take some small exercise or take a deep breath. 5 AM -- 7 AM is time to poop, because our body detoxify the colon. After that, you better exercise until become sweaty.
  2. Do not forget to eat breakfast. Eat calorie-rich breakfast and a cup of tea. Do not forget milk or fruit juice.
  3. Reduce the fatty food
  4. Minimize the use of drugs when you sick, and do not misuse drugs.
  5. No smoking, no alcohol. Wear mask when you ride motorcycle or take a walk on a crowded road.
  6. Eat more honey, dates, or nigella sativa seeds.


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