Friday, February 22, 2013

Natural Oily Skin Care

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Oily skin is like one of the big problems for both men and women. It makes us feel dirty, greasy, and uncomfortable. Some people really lose their confidence because of oily skin.
Using over-the-counter medications usually work, but believe me, those cosmetics are just have temporary effects on your skin. Their company income will stop if no oily skin. So, natural skin care is way more effective and safe to use.

What can we use?
Natural fruits which contain vitamin C are the best. Tomatoes and lemons are the favorites.
And how we going to do that? Just crush some tomatoes and apply to your face skin 2-3 times a week. Do it regularly and you will see the results.
If you are more likely to use lemons, consider that lemon juice can irritate your face skin. So, mix it up with a little honey.
The one thing that you should understand, our skin produce oil to lubricate itself and prevent from dryness. So, using too strong oil removal is just make your skin worse. The drier your skin, the more oil are produced.


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