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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Endometrial Hyperplasia

endometrial hyperplasia

Endometrial hyperplasia is a bad news for those who have obesity, diabetes, PCOS, or having estrogen replacement therapy. Endometrial hyperplasia is an over thickening of uterus lining. The lining is called endometrium.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Predicting Ovulation

Ovulation is an important to most of woman, especially those who are trying to conceive. Since ovulation only occur in a particular time in your periods, predicting ovulation is necessary so that you can know the best time to "do it".
There are several ways to predict ovulation. The most accurate way is to have ovulation test packs. Go to your local drugstore to purchase some of those test packs in a reachable price. The other ways that you can do are:

  1. Inspect your cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is normal for women, as long as it's not smelly or make you feel itchy or pain. When the ovulation time occurs, your cervical mucus will be clear and stringy. You can stretch the mucus for 5 inch without breaking it. Sometimes a little pinky blood appear.
  2. Chart your body basal temperature. Ovulation makes your body temperature rise sligthly betwen 0.5-1 celcius. It's better that you record you temperature daily every morning right after you wake up, before you even get out of your bed. It's the most accurate way to measure basal body temperature.
  3. Numerical Analysis. If you have regular periods, you may do simple math to predict your ovulation. Your ovulation time is 14 days before your next period.
  4. Ask medical expert to do ultrasound check. Transvaginal ultrasound can accurately check whether you have a mature egg or not. This is an accurate but not convenience way.